TED Talks in the 21st Century Classroom


I recently wrote a literature review on the use of TED Talks in the classroom. Given TED’s popularity, there was a surprising dearth of scholarly research available, and even less on TED’s specific use inside of the educational realm. It seems that many college professors are on the ball about incorporating TED Talks into what they teach and how they teach it; however, the lower levels of school are split on the issue, with many teachers having few creative ideas for how to make use of a such a rich (FREE!) web resource. There are also quite a few naysayers and TED-haters out there. In my paper, I start by giving a brief overview of TED’s history and explain what it is. Then I tackle the criticisms floating around about TED all over the web. I counter that by giving five great reasons that TED should be used in the classroom (supported by research and literature written by the greatest minds on the forefront of education), and I close with three general ways that educators are currently using TED in their schools. Click the link below to download my paper and give it a read–and please, use it responsibly!


TED Talks in the 21st Century Classroom