A Note for Content Area Teachers

It may surprise you to learn that teaching students reading skills should not be confined to the language arts classroom–it should permeate every subject area in school! It may seem counterproductive, but if you take a little bit of time out of your regularly scheduled lesson plans to teach some literacy skills and integrate them with your subject matter, you won’t just help make better readers—you’ll make better scientists, historians, and mathematicians as well. The skills that students use when they’re reading a novel or a poem are markedly different than the skills they use to read a lab report in science or a primary source document in history class. We need to teach them how to put on different “hats” when they read different texts!

Feel free to come borrow a book from my classroom library or drop by for a visit anytime! I’ll be in Room 316.

Check out this strategy guide provided by the site ReadWriteThink for some easy ways to start promoting literacy in the content areas.

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